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Hall of Fame Projects

FoH has installed over 150 water purifier systems in 13 different countries. Each project is unique and each has its own special triumphs and also its own set of challenges. Here are a few of our most memorable projects.

Our Most Recent Trip

Click on the Video! See details of our recent trip to India where 25 homes were burned down. FoH installed 3 systems!

Most Challenging

November 2014

Crocodiles, hippos and black mamba’s – Oh my!  FoH helped to install a solar powered pumping station lifting water 600 feet up to a plateau and a water purifier system in Binga, Zimbabwe near the Zambezi River.

Most Dangerous

January 2008

FoH’s Founder, Bill Farrar, install several water purifier systems in the refugee camps during the Kenyan Post Election Violence. Many people were killed during this time and Bill was holed up at his hotel due to machine gun fire on the street outside.


Largest System

November 2014

FoH’s largest water purification system utilizes three 1,000 gallon tanks providing 3,000 gallons of safe water daily to the Hope Horizon Children’s Home and local community near Leogane, Haiti.  The system was sponsored and built by First Christian Church Moweaqua, Illinois.



The FoH water purifier system is ideal for schools and churches of any size.  Our system can purify 1,200 gallons in just 20 minutes! FoH has installed many systems in schools and churches around the world.  


Medical/Disaster Relief

A FoH purifier can purify water for a hospital or medical clinic.  FoH has installed several systems in Haiti and Kenya providing safe drinking water for hundreds of people per day.  Contact Bill at FoH if you would like more information.