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Church and Schools
$6,000 Goal — Uganda

The cost to go to elementary schools in Uganda can be unaffordable for the average family. Even if a family has the means to send a child to school, often children cannot attend school because they need to fetch water the family's survival.

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Water Bowzer Truck
$1,200 Goal — Haiti

Principal Onel Neil from a small school in the Cite’ Solail slum of Haiti contacted Fountains of Hope and said that their school is having water trucked in two times per month  ($50.00 per truck load = $100.00 per month).  Each year, $1,200 is needed to provide safe water for over 600 children daily.

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Schools in Nigeria
$2,400 Goal — Nigeria

Our systems in Nigeria continue to enable safe water for three highly impoverished locations. Schools are always in great need of safe water because children are very susceptible to water borne diseases. Often, children come to school with previous existing HIV health issues.

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Safe Water For Kenya
$6,000 Goal — Kenya

Fountains of Hope is partnering with Restore and Revive Ministries to bring safe water to the people of Kenya in July, 2017. We will install a few water purification systems and check on our previous installations.


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hall of fame projects

FoH has installed over 180 water purifier systems in 14 different countries. Each project is unique and each project has its own special triumphs and also its own set of challenges. Here are a few of our most memorable projects.


Most Challenging Trip

Crocodiles, hippos and black mamba’s – Oh my!  An elementary school in Binga, Zimbabwe near the Zambezi River is healthy recipients of a new solar powered pumping station that lifts water 600 feet, and then is purified with our portable system. Our teams are known to work in adventurous locations!

Most Dangerous Trip

Several water systems were installed in the Kenyan refugee camps during the Kenyan Post Election Violence. Many people were killed during this time and Bill Farrar, our Executive Director, was holed up in his room due to machine gun fire on the street outside his hotel. Not much will stop Bill!

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Largest System

Our largest water purification system utilizes five 1,000-gallon tanks that provide 5,000 gallons of safe water daily to the Children’s Lifeline Ministry and community in La Digue Matthiou, Haiti.  The system was sponsored by River Oaks Community Church, Goshen, IN. FoH sponsors are deeply appreciated!


Our Speciality Areas


We thought you would like to see some of our typical water purifier system installations. FoH dosen't install wells or boreholes but only water purification projects that already have water readily available. Our niche is installing systems supporting 500 or more people at schools, churches, orphanages, community centers or medical facilities needing treated water.  If you don't drink the water you presently have, we may be able to help you!

Serving Schools

The FoH water purifier system is operating at schools, orphanages and churches of all sizes.  Our system purifies 1,200 gallons in just 20 minutes and is especially designed to provide plenty of safe water for 500 - 5000 people on a daily basis.

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Medical/Disaster Relief

FoH purifier systems provide safe water for hospitals or medical clinics.  We have installed several systems in Haiti serving hundreds of patients per day.  We also specialize in disaster relief and can quickly have systems operational in the world.

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Mountains of Shoes
To Ukraine and Haiti

25,000 pairs of donated shoes have been sent by FoH to Haiti and Ukraine through a partnership with Dr. Comfort Shoes, Children’s Lifeline-Haiti, U.S. Air Force and local churches.  Find out how you can help deliver shoes to more people.

Join Us On A Trip

Bill in Haiti
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Indy Met Team
FoH Interns 2016
Bill Don & Dave in Haiti
Indy Met Team1
Indy Met 2
Michaela in Haiti
Larry In Cote De Fir
Ann carrying Water
Michaela Nepal

Haiti: May 27 - June 5, 2017
Trip with Orchard Park Presbyterian
Leader: Bill Farrar 
Cost: $1,900

Haiti: June 24 - July 1, 2017
Trip with St. Lukes UMC
Leader: Bill Farrar
Cost:  $1,900

Kenya: July 4 -19, 2017
Install 3 Purifiers & Safari
Leaders: Brian & Cynthia McCall
Cost: $2,900

Haiti: Between October-December 2017
Leader: Bill Farrar
Cost: $1,900

Zimbabwe: Sept 2017 or later
Install 2 + purifiers, Safari & Victoria Falls

Leader: Bill Farrar

Cost: $2,900

Uganda: November 2017
Install 3+ systems in Ginja
Leader: Nancy Harbron
Cost: $2,900

Haiti: December 27 - January 2
Trip with Orchard Park Presbyterian
Leader: Bill Farrar,
Cost: $1,900

Choose a Country

Haiti Trips
More than half our trips are to various villages and cities in Haiti. FoH typically goes to Haiti 5-6 times per year. Call us if the date you see doesn't work for you and we will work around your schedule.

Africa Trips
FoH has worked in seven countries in Africa. We are primarily working in Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Nigeria. Call us if you need us to help with your project in Africa.

Other Trips
We go where the Lord calls us to go. You can join us on one of our FoH led trips or we would love to join your group wherever you have a relationship and are already working. Together we can solve the worlds water crisis!

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